Love Life Makeover 12-Week Online Course

How to go from first date to great love with confidence, femininity & grace.

With Transformative Coach &
Love Alchemist Cami Elen

A proven process to support you to develop the confidence to date as an inspired, radiant woman with the tools to navigate dating from first date to great love!  

Are you ready to make over your love life in 2018?

Maybe you're feeling unsure that the great love you're desiring is even possible for you.

Or you're afraid to trust yourself to choose the right partner so you've stopped dating altogether, to avoid the same old disappointing and painful relationship patterns.

Maybe you've downloaded dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, Match but never made it past the first swipe and you've found you've lost confidence in yourself.

Or you've had a couple of coffee dates that made you wonder, "Am I going to have to settle in order to find love?"

You know you're an amazing woman, but you're not sure how to shine through past all of the online and real life dating noise to find that special someone who sees and appreciates the real you.

You're secretly hoping you might meet your soulmate through happenstance.

Yet the days pass, and you're still single

You try to talk yourself into the idea that being single means freedom and fulfillment, but when you tap into your deepest yearnings, you know you are craving a committed, lasting partnership with a man who loves, adores and cherishes you. Someone to share and build a life with. 

You're ready to honor yourself and your deep desires for love fully. 

You're ready to make yourself, your needs and your fulfillment a priority. 

You're ready to leave old patterns, limiting beliefs and self-sabotage behind. 

You're ready to become the most confident, feminine, radiant version of you, to become a woman who knows her worth, her value and who can inspire a great love.

It's time. You're ready.

Success Story

We’re engaged! Less than 5 months from our last session… I hope you’ve met more good clients because I do not stop talking about you and sending wonderful confused women looking for love your way. 

Thank you Cami!!! Xoxo 

Joy G | Los Angeles, CA 

Joy on her wedding day.


The 12-Week Love Life Makeover Program with Cami Elen 

May 23,2018 - August 8, 2018  

I created the 12-Week Love Life Makeover Online Course to support you to learn how to go from first date to great love with confidence, femininity and grace. 

You may be feeling inspired from participating in the recent 10-day Ultimate Love Life Makeover: Dating Mastery For Women summit. 

Inspiration is wonderful fuel for creation, but if you're like me, accountability and a support structure will help keep you focused and committed to attracting your great love. 

Over 12 weeks, I will support you with Love Life Makeover teaching sessions, 1-on-1 coaching and group coaching sessions. I will guide you through my proven comprehensive internal and external Love Life Makeover process created to help you to:

  • get clarity on your vision for love
  • identify and release any internal barriers to love
  • reclaim an appreciation for men
  • embody authentic confidence and radiance
  • embrace your femininity and grace
  • become a more fulfilled, blissful woman
  • create a magnetic online profile
  • create dating opportunities online and offline 
  • enjoy the dating process
  • learn how to know who stays and who goes
  • date as a healthy, secure, grounded woman
  • stay accountable to yourself and your vision
  • draw in the right man who is a match for your vision for love
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Ultimate Love Life Makeover  

May 23,2018 - August 8, 2018  

beauty package

For the first time, I am offering my comprehensive, 12-week Love Life Makeover program, only previously offered to my 1-on-1 clients. 

You are being offered a special 75% off discount with a 1-payment of $498 (savings of $1500), or 3-payments of $180 to secure your spot.

This program is LIVE and not pre-recorded. That means you will be working with me and receiving my support every week, not listening to pre-recorded sessions that don't apply to you and your unique situation and questions.  

Plus, because the women in the Love Life Makeover community are spread around the globe, I will be holding program sessions both at morning and evening times to be inclusive for multiple time zones (see dates and times below).

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love life makeover workshop

The 12-Week Love Life Makeover Program with Cami Elen 

May 23,2018 - August 8, 2018  

Here's how the course works: 


Meet Weekly for Group Teaching & Coaching Call

We will meet online one day per week using a video conferencing link I email you. If you can't make a call, I will email you a recording 24 hours after the class.


Complete Weekly Assignments

Each week you receive Practice & Reflection Questions inside a private course portal to support that week's learning. If you need extra support you can email me.


24 Hour Access to Course Materials

You will be assigned a unique login to access the course portal with all your downloadable materials and a private forum to engage with the other course participants.

Success Story

Cami coached me through a complete love life makeover. She supported me with every aspect of my online dating. She convinced me my photos weren’t doing me justice and helped me with a makeover for my photos, my wardrobe, my written profile. I also developed a deeper capacity for love and connection with others. As a result, I generated an abundance of online dates and am now in relationship with an amazing guy and I feel truly seen, loved and appreciated for the first time.

Danielle | Denver, CO

What’s covered in the course?

Week One

Get Clarity on Your Vision for Love 

  • Clarity on Vision for Love
  • Love Visioning Meditation
  • Feeling Assessment
  • Kingly & Queenly Qualities 
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Week Two

Identify & Release Limiting Beliefs 

  • Which Beliefs Are Blocking Love
  • Love Manifesting Behaviors
  • Love & Lifestyle Assessment 
  • Align Your Lifestyle For Love

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Week Three

Reclaim An Appreciation For Men 

  • Reclaim Appreciation For Men
  • Become A Fulfilled Woman
  • Acts Of Vulnerability
  • Heart Openings 
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Week Four

Shift Your Love Mindset For Good & Call In Your Bliss

  • Shifting Your Love Identity 
  • Transformation of Love Identity 
  • Uplevel Automatic Responses
  • Bliss List  
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Week Five

Authentic Confidence & Letting Your Light Shine

  • Authentic Confidence
  • Radiance Meditation
  • Let Your Light Shine: Radiance
  • Final Check Before Lift Off  
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Week Six

Launching Yourself Online: Amping Up Your Online Presence 

  • Marketing Yourself: Online Dating
  • Amping Up Your Online Presence
  • Creating Your Personal Style
  • Creating A Magnetic Online Profile 
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Week Seven

Offline Dating & Great First Dates

  • What About Chemistry and Love 
  • Making Connections Offline 
  • Where Are All The Good Men? 
  • 101 Place To Meet Single Men
  • What Makes A Great First Date? 
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Week Eight

Dating Scripts & Flirting 101 

  • Going For The Gold
  • Dating Q&As 
  • Scripts & Flirting 101
  • Making Good Decisions When Dating
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Week Nine

Sorting Suitors: Who Stays, Who Goes

  • How To Be "That" Girl
  • Who Stays, Who Goes  
  • Does He Get A Second Date?
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Week Ten

What Makes A Love That Lasts 

  • Relationship Stages
  • Negotiation To Commitment 
  • Conscious Relationship Qualities
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Week Eleven

Let’s Talk About Sex 

  • Intimacy & Connection With Self
  • Let's Talk About Sex
  • Savor Your Sensuality 
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Week Twelve

Your Journey to Love: Integration

  • Putting It All Together
  • Gleaning The Gold
  • Appreciate & Celebrate

Start Your Love Life Makeover Today (Save 75% Off) 

1 Payment $498


May 23rd

Love Life Makeover Begins

Sessions meet each Wednesday at 5pm Pacific, for 12 weeks, through August 1st.

May 23, 30

June 6, 13, 20, 27

July 4, 11, 18, 25

August 1, 8

Aug 8th

Course Completes

Your Journey to Love: Integration  

  • Putting It All Together
  • Gleaning The Gold
  • Appreciate & Celebrate

About Your Host Cami Elen

Cami Elen is a Love Alchemist, trained in Transformative Coaching and Clinical Psychology. She is the Host of the Love Life Makeover Summit Series and creator of the 12-module Love Life Makeover Advanced Training program, supporting her clients to date and relate with unshakeable confidence and step into becoming a woman who can inspire a great love. She is also the creator of the hottest love and relationship boot camp on the web today: The Sexual Attraction Reboot. And in her 4-part Luscious Love Video Series, she shows women how to remove the internal and external obstacles to love and land smack dab in the middle of "Happily Ever After.”  

Through her Luscious Love coaching brand she facilitates live and virtual events around the world on the subjects of dating, love, sex, attraction and female empowerment. A gifted musician and songwriter, Cami has released 3 albums and her music has been featured in film, TV and video games. 

Cami Elen Standing on Porch

Start Your Love Life Makeover Today (Save 75% Off)